Handgun Cleaning Workshop

Handgun Cleaning Workshop

New Pricing:

$20.00 if you bring your own cleaning kit

$40.00 if we provide you a cleaning kit


One of the responsibilities of owning a firearm is the proper care and maintenance of your firearm .This 2.5 hours long class is designed to educate the gun owner in cleaning techniques to inspect and clean their firearm. Instructors will cover safety procedures, disassembly, inspection, cleaning, reassembly and lubrication. Additional information on cleaning tools and materials will be covered.
Visit our retail store and our experienced staff can assist you in selecting cleaning tools and supplies.
Tuition: $20.00 (bring your own cleaning kit. $40.00 ( we provide you a cleaning kit)
Equipment Needed:
• Firearm
• Oil/Lubricant
• Solvent/Bore Cleaner
• Patches/Bore Swabs
• Rags/Old T-shirt
• Bore Brush or Bore Snake
• Cleaning Brush/ Toothbrush
• Dental Picks/ Gun Picks

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    If you are buying this class for more than 1 person, please purchase them separately. We need the names of all participants separately.


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