Practical Handgun 02 (9am-4pm)

Practical Handgun 02 (9am-4pm)

Practical handgun 02 is designed to enhance skills taught in PH01 and develop additional skills that are necessary for personal safety in and out of the home. This course emphasizes safety, fundamentals, and tactics while engaging various targets from stationary positions behind cover and shooting on the move. WISR Training Concepts Instructors will increase your speed and accuracy while utilizing proper tactics. Topics will include: unconventional firing positions, barricade shooting, shooting on the move, multiple targets and tactics. 
Tuition $165

Equipment List
· Handgun (380 or greater caliber, slide has to lock to rear)
· Belt and holster (no cross draw, shoulder holsters or ankle holsters)
· 3 magazines or 2 speed loaders
· 300 rounds for handgun
· Hearing and eye protection
· Lunch & fluids
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