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One customer in stall $20 per hour.
No more than 2 customers per stall, $20 per hour 1st person, $15 per hour for second person sharing stall.
Active/Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMS, Military Service with ID $15 per.
Transfer Fee $45, Bud's Gunshop/Grabagun $60.00, NFA $125.00




Range use is by reservations or walking-ins, and no more than two shooters per stall allowed.  Rate is $20 first Shooter, $15 for the second shooter


  • Once you enter our retail area you will be directed by one of our Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to our classroom to complete our registration process. That process involves going over our Range Safety Rules, Release of Liability Form and Informational sheet. In that process we will ask you your handgun and /or rifle training history to give us an idea of your skill level. Everyone using our range will be screened to ensure your safety. Identification will be verified and questions will be asked if you can legally possess a firearm. This process should take approximately 15 minutes.

  • Once the screening process is complete, you will be given a range pass at the point of sale. You will have an option to purchase our training ammo, targets, hearing and eye protection or any other gear you desire. You can bring in your own handgun or rifle and fire your personal ammunition. If you rent one of our firearms you must use our ammo. Customers can bring in their own targets, as long as they are reasonable and are not offensive. Range Safety Officer will approve all targets brought in by customers.

  • Spent brass can be picked up in designated areas, as long as it doesn't interfere with other shooters.

  • All firearms entering our facility must be cased, in a gun box or holster. 

  • Once you have processed through the payment of your lane rental and any items purchased you may enter the range. You will enter the range by walking through our lounge and airlock. Once on the range you'll show your range pass to a Range Safety Officer (RSO) and he our Range Safety Officer will direct you to your shooting stall. The RSO will briefly inspect your firearm to ensure it's safe to use and ensure your ammo is authorized. No tracers, steel core, incendiary, armor piercing, gas or explosive ammunition allowed. No tannerite.

  • Once cleared by the RSO you can go "Hot" and begin shooting when ready. 

  • The RSO will oversee activity on the range to ensure safety and coach when asked. If you have questions please ask the RSO.

  • Upon completion of your shooting experience you'll proceed to the checkout area and return any gear rented. If your rent any firearms or gear from us we will hold your driver's license and return it to you when items are returned. Items rented will be placed in a range basket to ensure safe gun handling to and from the range.

  • Our goal is to give you a safe and enjoyable experience and we look forward to providing your shooting needs.





Handguns - $15 plus ammo
Rifles  - $20 plus ammo
NFA Rifles (Full Auto) - $30 plus ammo

If you rent any of our firearms, you must use our ammo from the store

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