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  • The range is equipped with 12 lanes, 2 six lane bays, capable of shooting out to 75 feet and all lanes are rifle rated up to a .50 BMG.

  • Liability release and other range paperwork filled out once a year.

  • Minimum age for shooters is 8 years old, 8 to 17 yrs. must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

  • We are a public range; however, reservations are required and available via our website. We do offer membership packages that include unlimited range use.

  • Online Reservations with email and SMS reminder.

  • Shooters can bring their own firearms, ammo & targets. ALL FIREARMS MUST BE CASED. Please do not use Steel(green)Tip or Armor Piercing ammo.

  • Rental handguns, shotguns, and rifles, including full auto rifles are available.
    Renters must purchase our ammo for use in our rental firearms. No outside ammo is allowed in rental firearms.


  • No black powder, lead birdshot, or buckshot allowed. Slugs are authorized.

  • Bay 1 is equipped with a large ballistic window to view the range.

  • We provide a hand wash station to wash hands prior to leaving the range area.

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