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Gunsmith Services

We're the folks who bring some serious TLC to your firearms. Think of us as the mechanics, artists, and wizards behind the scenes, making your guns perform and look their absolute best. From fixing up your old faithful to pimping out your favorite shooter, we've got you covered. Custom mods, repairs, restorations—you name it, we do it. Our crew lives and breathes guns, and our work reflects that passion.


shop rates

  • Hourly rate: $100 minimum shop charge of $35.

  • Estimates: $25 (applies towards final bill)

  • Final bills are calculated with shop time plus the cost of parts

handgun work

  • Action Work Starting at (+parts): $50

  • Trigger Kit Installs: Starts at $35

  • Trigger Shoe Only (does not include fitting): $25

  • Accessory Install: Hourly Rates Apply

rifle work

  • AR Handguard/ barrel swap (+parts): $100

  • Install Drop-in Trigger: $50

  • Muzzle Threading: $175

  • Install and time muzzle device: $50

  • Drill and Tap (per hole): $50

  • Pin and Weld Muzzle Device: $125

  • Pin and Welded Muzzle Device Removal: Hourly Rates Apply

  • Dimple Barrel for Gas Block: $50

  • Dimple Barrel During Upper Rebuild: $25

  • Install Accessories: Hourly

optics install

  • Mount and boresight optic purchased at WISR: $25

  • Mount and Boresight customer supplied Optic: $50

  • Sight in package ( does not include M&B): $50

  • Magnum calibers:+$10

  • Laser Boresight only : $25

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