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Lightweight and Compact Tactical Light with Integrated Red Aiming Laser

Lightweight rail-mounted light with red laser, constructed of an impact-resistant polymer, designed to fit compact and sub-compact handguns. It also fits most full-sized handguns with rails on the market. Now shining brighter at 170 lumens!

  • Click here for data sheet

  • White 170 lumen LED and red laser for long-range targeting

  • 3 modes: White LED only, Red laser only, or both LED and Red laser

  • Runs 1.5 hours to the 10% output level ( LED only or LED and laser); 15 hours (laser only)

  • Compact – Weighs 2.81 oz (79.7 g) with included battery; 2.73 in (6.93 cm) long


TLR-4: $225


Tactical Weapon Light With or Without Red Aiming Laser

The TLR-6® is designed to securely attach to a variety of subcompact handguns from the following manufacturers: GLOCK®, Smith & Wesson® M&P SHIELD®, Kahr®, SIG SAUER®, Kimber®, Springfield Armory®, Taurus®, Colt®, Remington®, and Para USA. Rail-mounted 1911 models are also available.

  • Click here for data sheet

  • Contoured housing securely attaches to weapon. Choose your model based on your particular weapon (see TLR-6® Compatibility List under Documentation)

  • 100 lumens; 89 m beam distance

  • Runs 1 hour (LED only or LED/laser combo); Laser runs 11 hours

  • Available with or without a red aiming laser for long-range targeting. Models with laser have three modes: LED only, LED/laser combo, and laser only



TLR-6 Non Laser: $85

TLR-6 Laser: $125

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